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Journey of the Chakras: Root to Sky


with Erica B

This yoga practice arcs in alignment with the flow of the Chakras beginning with root of the seat and concluding with the crown of the head. The class takes into consideration color, rhythm, quality of movement, tone, frequency and breath creating a well-balanced and energetic experience of Chakra Yoga. Each song and segment of the class pertains to a chakra center where we deeply explore postures and breath work. With fun and playful movement and partner stretching, each chakra’s inherent energy is re-enforced through connection. The class is 75 minutes in duration as we journey through all 7 chakras. Upon completion of the practice, students feel grounded as well as inspired through a resourcing of their internal system and connecting with others energy around them.

Erica B is a teacher of yoga for the past 10 years since the beginning when she thrived as a resident of Hawaii in 2010, learning how to live and love with nature and the body. She is a E-RYT 500 hour instructor as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist in her current home in Colorado. Embarking on a journey of sequencing, spirituality, and creativity, Erica’s classes are physically fun, mentally challenging, and spiritually inspirational. She owned an operated a studio in Portland, OR as well as a Traveling School of Yoga that trained students to embody this ancient calling. The expansiveness of her knowledge is evident in her classes, without diminishing the experience of enjoying a playful exploration. Currently, she teaches with CorePower North Denver franchise and still leads retreats in beautiful places throughout the year.

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