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Healing Sounds of Joy and Guided Meditations

with Irmalia Jonhnson

I would like to offer a guided meditation for others to see joy within. I will be utilizing singing bowls and sound therapy to bring awareness of ones true light and abundance. The guided meditation will allow participants to journey into the realms of their inner being, get in touch with guiding angels, and to bring about a sense of peace a re ignite the light within.

There we be tools to be used during the meditation namely crystal and essential oils, to help we the realignment.

I’m a reiki practitioner, intuitive healer and light facilitator and medium. I work with the angelic realms, as they offer assistance in bringing forth more light to the earth to ignite our wholeness and sense of well being.
The past 20 years I’ve been on quest to find my true self, and in that path I’ve gained mentors and skills that assist others in seeing true joy within, and seeing balance and beauty around. I utilize different methods in my healing process. Light language or also known as soul or heart language is by far my most favorite healing tool, coupled with my new found love of singing bowls.
These methods combined with crystals, essentials oils and visualizations have helped me to see my inner self, who is in constant motion of change and miracles, and also have helped others on their path to themselves as well.

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