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Dolphin Dance Pod Experience

with lilia Cangemi

~…the secret of the dolphin smile…~

This aquatic and sub-aquatic group experience is inspired by many healing and movement arts, and brings them into a body-temperature pool to form a unique and original synthesis combining intuitive aquatic bodywork, dance and contact improvisation above and below the surface, accompanied by underwater music.

Developed by Lilia Cangemi, creator of Dolphin Dance, registered Watsu, Waterdance and Healing Dance Therapist and Instructor, professional dancer and Aerial Arts teacher, this group session leads the participants into a non-verbal space filled with music where they can express themselves and move from their emotions in free-form improvisation by oneself, in pairs, or group.

Decreased gravity and the embrace of water with the safety of nose-clips offer a dive into the ecstatic three-dimensionality of the dolphin universe, explored with a “human pod” in unfolding ease, joyful play, creative movement, profound stillness, heart-opening intimacy, and soulful connection.

Lilia Cangemi is a registered Watsu Therapist and Instructor, Waterdance Practitioner, Healing Dance Therapist and Instructor, and the founder of Dolphin Dance, an original aquatic modality of her conception expressed in a variety of forms (see aquaticdance.com). The individual session combines Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral and Reiki on the surface and under body-temperature water. As a Licensed Massage Therapist she founded Quantum Leap Healing, which combines several energetic and soft tissue techniques, including EFT, aimed at aligning holistically body, heart, mind and soul. After six years of Medical School and a Masters in Journalism in Italy, her country of origin, she has lived internationally and practiced privately and collaboratively, while teaching aerial arts, partner acrobatics, contact improvisation, subaquatic and modern dance. In Hawaii she contributes her expertise to Kalani, the Vitality Clinic, the Aloha Wellness Center and SPACE.

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