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Sarine Inna Dream

~Born & raised on the Island of O’ahu, reborn on the Island of Hawai’i, & blooming on the island of Maui, Sarine Inna Dream is a Hapa crossbreed of native roots & siren songs. Enchanting & melodic in one embodiment, yet soulful & powerful in the next; this lava mermaid’s sound is the epitome of the Islands & their ever-changing micro-climates.
Growing up on O’ahu her musical influence, at it’s core, comes from a strict religious upbringing in a Samoan Pentecostal church.
As she takes flight to the realms of spirit through song & brings you along the wings of the strings of her ukulele, be prepared to soar through the heights of the heavens & reach the depths of the ocean. These islands have always been her home & are the resonation that comes through, as she lends voice to the embodiment of Hawai’i during her prayerformances~

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